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Autism Parents’ Guide To Burnout

By |2022-09-30T11:10:56-04:00September 30, 2022|Autism and Other Special Needs|

Autism parents are nothing short of heroes! Raising an autistic child or two is certainly not an easy task! Every day is different and everyday something new pertaining to your child surfaces. Dealing with these new challenges on a daily basis can get particularly tiring and worrisome at times. Sometimes you may feel that no one understands what you are going through whilst on other days, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of support you get from willing family members and friends. However, in all this time, it is most important that parents take out time for themselves and take [...]

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Autism And Stimming

By |2022-09-19T09:30:06-04:00September 19, 2022|Autism and Other Special Needs, Behavior Management, Early Childhood Development|

What Is Stimming? Stimming refers to self-stimulatory behaviors that involve repetitive movements and sounds. Although stimming is most commonly associated with autism, it can also be found in non-autistic individuals. For instance, tapping your feet when nervous is an example of stimming. However, when talking about stimming in the case of autism, what must be considered is the type and quantity of the behavior being expressed. At times, stims like hand-flapping or rocking can get out of hand. How To Identify Stimming? To identify whether your child is stimming, carefully notice the way they behave. Stimming is often said to occur [...]

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Potty Training Kids On The Spectrum

By |2022-09-19T09:36:58-04:00September 9, 2022|Autism and Other Special Needs, Early Childhood Development|

Potty training is perhaps the most troublesome part of the toilet training journey, particularly if your child is giving you a hard time. For parents with autistic children, this task may prove even more difficult as they will need a lot more patience and tactics to help their child learn this new skill. However, this article covers many tips and tricks you can use to make this task easy for you and your child both! When To Begin Potty Training? Starting potty training before your child is ready may not be the best thing to do. Hence, it is best if [...]

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Autism And Head Banging

By |2022-08-30T08:48:25-04:00August 30, 2022|Autism and Other Special Needs, Behavior Management|

Head banging is a common symptom of autism and whilst some children are rid of this before going to school, others may continue to have the “head banging syndrome” for years. Studies have shown that almost 30% of autistic children inflict self-harm and exhibit such behaviors like head banging and skin picking for example. Not only is this harmful for your child but also worrisome for parents and those around the concerned individual. Can Head Banging Cause Brain Damage? For parents with an autistic child, head banging can be a huge concern, since it is feared that this may cause brain [...]

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Respite Care

By |2022-08-18T08:36:33-04:00August 18, 2022|Autism and Other Special Needs, Early Childhood Development|

What Is Respite Care? Respite care allows caregivers to temporarily take a break from looking after those who require attention as someone else steps in to do that job for them. So if you are exhausted and are looking for a little break, this is the best option out there since it gives you some time for yourself! Most importantly, you won’t have to worry as much because those you care for will be in good hands! What Does Respite Care Involve? Respite care is generally provided by designated institutions that can provide experienced and trustworthy caregivers to look after your [...]

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Speech Therapy For Autism

By |2022-08-01T14:04:17-04:00August 1, 2022|Autism and Other Special Needs, Early Childhood Development|

Individuals on the spectrum face a lot of difficulty in communicating. Lack of confidence, sensitivity and speech-related problems can sometimes make situations potentially stressful for them. For this reason, speech therapy is highly recommended. Not only does it improve speaking skills, but also enhances communication and interactive skills. Speech therapy aims to target multiple communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, like for example, making eye contact or understanding gestures and so much more. What Speech and Communication Issues Do Autistic Individuals Face? Some of the issues revolving around interacting with others and speech are listed below: Not talking at all Babbling [...]

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Misconceptions About Autism

By |2022-06-17T09:21:00-04:00June 17, 2022|Autism and Other Special Needs|

We’ve often heard people give their explanation of what autism maybe and unfortunately, not every time are the facts accurate. Overtime, there have been lots of misconceptions surrounding autism. This blog explores these common misconceptions and what the real deal is. Some of the top misconceptions are addressed below: Autism is a behavioral/mental health disorder: In truth, autism is not some behavioral or mental health disorder. Instead, it is a neurodevelopmental disorder that hinders an individual’s ability to communicate and interact with others as easily and effectively as other people can. Studies have shown that people on the spectrum have depicted [...]

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How To Manage Autism Meltdowns

By |2022-06-06T12:21:49-04:00June 6, 2022|Autism and Other Special Needs, Early Childhood Development|

Autistic children experience a lot of hardship when it comes to regulating their behavior. Sometimes even the smallest of situations can affect their mood and cause them to have a meltdown. This can become challenging for the parents to manage, especially in public settings. What Is An Autism Meltdown? Unlike tantrums, autism meltdowns are not used as a tool to get something the child wants. Infact, it represents a loss of control. A meltdown is an intense response to new or overwhelming situations faced by the individual. This in turns causes them to lose control. What Causes A Meltdown? Some of [...]

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Autism and Anxiety

By |2022-05-30T10:12:41-04:00May 30, 2022|Autism and Other Special Needs, Behavior Management|

It is a known fact that not all people on the spectrum are affected by autism in the same way. Hence, it is very important to understand the relationship between autism and anxiety, so that we are better prepared to help those in need. What Are The Different Types Of Anxiety In Autism and How Do They Arise? There are 4 main types of anxiety commonly found in people on the spectrum. These are listed below: Generalized Anxiety Disorder or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Fear of Open Spaces and Crowds (Agoraphobia) Fear of Social Situations (Social Anxiety) Separation Anxiety Other Specific [...]

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Best Digital Apps For Autism

By |2022-05-20T11:47:53-04:00May 20, 2022|Autism and Other Special Needs|

In today’s world, we are surrounded by rapidly evolving technology which has made screen time an essential part of our life. While it has its downside, this can be manifested in many positive ways, especially when it comes to assisting autistic children with varying needs. Some of the best apps that can help equip your child with some necessary skills are listed below: ABC Kids – Tracing and Phonics Pokémon Smile GoTalk NOW LITE Starfall GoNoodle Reading Eggs Speech Blubs Proloquo2Go iCreate… Social Skills Stories First Then Visual Schedule HD Bitsboard Flashcards PRO ABC Kids – Tracing and Phonics This [...]

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