Respite Care

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What Is Respite Care? Respite care allows caregivers to temporarily take a break from looking after those who require attention as someone else steps in to do that job for them. So if you are exhausted and are looking for a little break, this is the best option out there since it gives you some time for yourself! Most importantly, you won’t have to worry as much because those you care for will be in good hands! What Does Respite Care Involve? Respite care is generally provided by designated institutions that can provide experienced and trustworthy caregivers to look after your [...]

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The Functions of Behavior

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What is behaviour? Behavior refers to actions or reactions performed by humans. Behavior can be voluntary,  involuntary, conscious or unconscious. Why does a behaviour occur? Behaviors happen for a specific reason. Sometimes the reasons are clear and can be understood easily, and other times they are unclear and difficult to understand. “What can be said with certainty is that your child is demonstrating a challenging behavior because it meets a specific need for him or her.” It is certainly essential to know why an inappropriate behavior might be happening so it can be replaced with an appropriate one. Functions of behavior: [...]

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