Autism And Stimming

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What Is Stimming? Stimming refers to self-stimulatory behaviors that involve repetitive movements and sounds. Although stimming is most commonly associated with autism, it can also be found in non-autistic individuals. For instance, tapping your feet when nervous is an example of stimming. However, when talking about stimming in the case of autism, what must be considered is the type and quantity of the behavior being expressed. At times, stims like hand-flapping or rocking can get out of hand. How To Identify Stimming? To identify whether your child is stimming, carefully notice the way they behave. Stimming is often said to occur [...]

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Autism And Head Banging

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Head banging is a common symptom of autism and whilst some children are rid of this before going to school, others may continue to have the “head banging syndrome” for years. Studies have shown that almost 30% of autistic children inflict self-harm and exhibit such behaviors like head banging and skin picking for example. Not only is this harmful for your child but also worrisome for parents and those around the concerned individual. Can Head Banging Cause Brain Damage? For parents with an autistic child, head banging can be a huge concern, since it is feared that this may cause brain [...]

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