Definition: Support Services at Home is a program in Ontario that provides funding to families of children with developmental or physical disabilities to access support services.

Link: Support Services at Home (SSAH)

Definition: Information on funding available through the Ontario Autism Program to support individuals with autism and their families in Ontario.

Link: Ontario Autism Program Funding

Definition: The Ontario Disability Support Program offers financial and employment support for individuals with disabilities in Ontario, helping them achieve greater independence.

Link: Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

Definition: Autism Speaks provides family services and community grants to support families and communities affected by autism, promoting education and awareness.

Link: Family Services and Community Grants

Definition: The Disability Tax Credit is a non-refundable tax credit in Canada designed to provide financial relief to individuals with disabilities or their supporting family members.

Link: Disability Tax Credit (DTC)

Definition: Autism Speaks is an organization that provides resources, support, and information for individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorder.

Link: Autism Speaks Resources

Definition: ACSD is a program in Ontario that provides financial assistance to families with children who have severe disabilities to help cover additional costs associated with their care.

Link: Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD)

Definition: The Assistive Devices Program is a government program in Ontario that helps individuals with long-term physical disabilities access personalized assistive devices.

Link: Assistive Devices Program

Definition: Community Living Halton Hills is an organization that supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Halton Hills community.

Link: Community Living Halton Hills

Definition: The Ontario Autism Program is a government initiative in Ontario, Canada, aimed at providing support and services for individuals with autism.

Link: Ontario Autism Program

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