Aggression in children and what it could mean

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What is Aggression? Aggression refers to a behavior that can cause harm or pain. Aggression in children is most likely seen as disobedience, fighting, breaking stuff, etc. Reasons for aggression: There can be multiple reasons for your child to display aggression. Below is a list of a few possible reasons: Sensory Overload: Sensory overload takes place when overstimulation happens in more than one sense. This happens mostly in the toddler years of a child. When the child is unable to understand and bear it which causes him to let it out in the form of aggression. Frustration: “Kids who have [...]

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Reinforcement Vs. Bribery

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What does Reinforcement mean? Reinforcement happens after a desired behaviour has occurred.  “Reinforcement is the process of encouraging or establishing a belief or pattern of behavior, especially by encouragement or reward.”(Source:Reinforcement vs. Bribery) “Example of positive reinforcement: First give the child a choice of two activities that you would want them to complete. (“Do you want to clean up your toys or take out the trash?”)  This will make the child feel empowered because they get to choose the activity. Then you need to find out what they want to earn for completing the task. (What would you like to [...]

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The Functions of Behavior

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Why does a behaviour occur? Behaviors happen for a specific reason. Sometimes the reasons are clear and can be understood easily, and other times they are unclear and difficult to understand. “What can be said with certainty is that your child is demonstrating a challenging behavior because it meets a specific need for him or her.“ (Source:Functions of Behaviour) It is certainly essential to know why an inappropriate behavior might be happening so it can be replaced with an appropriate one. The four functions of behavior are sensory stimulation, escape, access to attention and access to tangibles. Below is an explanation [...]

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