What is ABA therapy?

Applied Behaviour Analysis, or ABA is a treatment approach that aims to improve the lives of individuals by a meaningful degree. The science of behaviour analysis helps us to understand how behaviour works, how behaviour is affected by the environment, and how learning takes place. These findings are then applied to real-life situations to teach skills that will improve the individual’s quality of life. The goal of ABA is to decrease behaviours that are harmful or impact learning while increasing behaviours that helpful and meaningful to the individual.

Why is ABA effective and what can it do for my child?

ABA utilizes evidence-based strategies, meaning they have met rigorous criteria showing that they are useful, of high quality and effective.

A variety of skills can be taught using strategies based on the principles of ABA, including:

• Eye contact
• Self-care and adaptive skills
• Motor skills
• Self-regulation
• language comprehension
• following directions
• communication
• requesting
• answering questions
• play skills & turn taking
• social skills
• school readiness
• feeding
• toileting

What is IBI?

IBI stands for’ Intensive Behavioural Intervention and is a branch of ABA that is meant to be more intensive with more hours.

What is the process and who is on the ABA team?

The very first step is the pairing session with an ABA Therapist who will pair, get to know your child and we will assess whether it is a good match. Next, The BCBA will be responsible for completing the assessment and writing the individual program plan for each child with consultation from the parents and other related professionals. Once the BCBA has written a unique treatment plan to cater to your child’s specific needs, daily ABA sessions will be conducted (minimum of 6 hours a week) by your ABA Therapist. Each child’s program is directly supervised by Board Certified Behaviour Analyst on a bi-weekly basis and an assessment will then be conducted every few months to review and update the programs. The BCBA is also responsible for completing all necessary paperwork required for children with OAP funding.

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