What are Tantrums?

Tantrums are usually an unmanageable outbreak of emotions like anger or frustration, often in a child of a younger age. 

Tantrums come in different forms. Some children may start by just whining, while some go from crying to screaming in seconds. Tantrums can also be seen as kicking, hitting to even holding breath. 

Causes for Tantrums:

Below are a few reasons for why your child may throw a tantrum:

-Tiredness (not getting enough sleep)
-Want something
-Can not understand something
-Trouble in expressing 

-Strong emotions


How to Tame Tantrums: 

You may be able to avoid a Tantrum by identifying tantrum triggers but if not, here are some tips on how to handle and tame tantrums when they do happen:


If you know the child is entirely safe, and the tantrums are not that consequential, Ignore.

Stay calm:

Try to stay as calm as possible. Getting angry will only lead the situation to get messier. Keep your tone of voice low and composed too.

Try understanding the function of the tantrum:

You need to know the reason behind the tantrum, or else you won’t  be able to tame it. Sit and try to understand why your child might be throwing a tantrum.


Acknowledge your child’s emotions.“For example, ‘It’s very upsetting when your ice-cream falls out of the cone, isn’t it?’ This can help prevent behavior getting more out of control and gives your child a chance to reset emotions.” (Source:Tantrums: why they happen & how to respond)

Do not give in to tantrums: 

If the child is throwing a tantrum to get something, then do not give in. That will only reinforce the behavior. Wait it out and only respond when the child is calm and quiet.