“Hand-eye coordination is the ability to perform movements with the hands while being guided by the eyes. A child’s hands and sight work together to perform tasks.”


Importance of Hand-eye Coordination:

Hand-eye coordination is one of the most important skills for functioning in your daily life. The most simple task can get difficult to do if we have no hand-eye coordination.

Good hand-eye coordination helps children in different areas of life, such as sports, handwriting, reading, play and life skills.

Activities for improving hand-eye coordination in your child:

– Hitting a suspended ball with a racket
– Throwing a ball and catching it
– Playing with toys that make a sound
– Drawing and colouring
– Lacing beads
– Doing puzzles
– Gardening: it involves shovelling, digging, burying and watering
– Playing tossing the balloon in the air
– Playing lego
– Cutting and gluing activities