Fun Outdoor Play Activities for Kids

Kids should be physically active as it is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. For them to be active, there are several play activities both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor play helps to build your child’s core muscles as well as refine small motor skills. In order to get your kids to play outside, you… Continue reading Fun Outdoor Play Activities for Kids

Strategies to Reduce Echolalia

What is Echolalia? Echolalia refers to the repetition of certain words or phrases spoken by someone else, either after the words were said or later on. Echolalia in autism Echolalia is often associated as a function of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). With an autistic child, echolalia may appear with more frequency versus children with standard… Continue reading Strategies to Reduce Echolalia

Benefits of Water Play

What is play? Play consists of those activities performed for self-amusement that have social and behavioral rewards. It is child-directed and is enjoyable and spontaneous. Play allows children to gain control of their feelings, actions, and helps them achieve self-confidence. What is water play? Playing with water is not only a source of enjoyment, but… Continue reading Benefits of Water Play

Activities to Help Improve Expressive Language

What is expressive language? Expressive language refers to the use of words, sentences and gestures to express and communicate. It involves naming objects, describing actions, asking and answering questions. Expressive language is critical as it enables kids to express their wants, thoughts and ideas. However, there are children who struggle with expressive language and need… Continue reading Activities to Help Improve Expressive Language

Benefits of Playdough

Playdough is one of those inventions that is not only fun to play with, but also helps in your child’s development. Although it is a mess to clean up, playdough has a wide range of developmental, learning, and sensory benefits for children. These are the following benefits your children can get when playing with the… Continue reading Benefits of Playdough

Benefits of Outdoor Play

Playing is an important factor when it comes to early childhood development. Playing outdoors can have benefits for children’s social and emotional development. It can also assist children in developing their ability to share, interact and learn new things. Playing outside have the following benefits: Develop athletic abilities Outdoor play is important as it encourages… Continue reading Benefits of Outdoor Play

Activities that support writing skills

[vc_row el_id=”1589201418945-1728c7af-cf1d”][vc_column el_id=”1589201419094-b7052bf3-2d6e”][vc_column_text] What are pre-writing skills?: “Pre-writing skills are the lines and strokes kids need to master and know BEFORE learning how to print the alphabet. Each of these lines is developed in a sequence, based on how old the child is.” (Source:Basics of Pre-Writing Activities and Skills for Kids) Importance of pre-writing skills:… Continue reading Activities that support writing skills

Types of Play for Children

Types of Play for Children: As a child grows, he goes through multiple stages of play development. Apart from being fun, play is vital to a child’s development. Depending on their age, mood, and social setting, kids take part in six kinds of play, all of which are important for their healthy development. Following are… Continue reading Types of Play for Children