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What are visuals?:

Visual supports are used with children who have autism spectrum disorders (ASD) for two main purposes:

  • They help parents communicate better with their child, 
  • they help their child communicate better with others. 

By providing visual support along with language and social interaction, students are able to participate more independently and with less frustration in everyday activities.

Reasons to use Visuals:

Various types of visuals can be effective learning tools: 

photos, illustrations, icons, symbols, sketches, figures, and concept maps are a few of them.

Below are some reasons on “why using visuals is more beneficial”


  • are permanent (Spoken words disappear)
  • allow time for language processing
  • prepare students for transition
  • help kids see the meaning of your words
  • help in building independence
  • are transferable, between environments and people
  • have no attitude, no specific tone, frustration or disapproval
  • help reduce anxiety
  • aid communication 
  • improve comprehension
  • increase retention


Check out these two free resources by Spectacokids that are great for Behavior Management in a Classroom or any setting:


First and Then Visual Board:

Included in this printable freebie:

  • 2 first and then visual boards (one in colour and one b/w)
  • 1 choice board
  • 31 visuals for reinforcers (rewards): (free time, koosh ball, computer, ipad, music, goldfish, snack, book, puzzle, soccer ball, basketball, ball, bubbles, toys, train, plane, dinosaur, car, football, play dough, chocolate, candy, lollipop, laptop, tv, surprise, cards, colouring, doll, juice and xbox)
  • 30 visuals for activites you set: (sit down, sit in chair, wash hands, sit on toilet, write, sit at table, lunch, school, swimming, work at desk, feet down, hands on desk, worksheet, listen, quiet, indoor voice, raise hands, class, 2 types of therapy, look, walk, school bus, line up, use words, math, playground, art class, no hitting and use kind words.

Click here to download to this free resource. 


Virtual Token Board for Behavior Management:

Visual behavior management token boards are a fun, useful, and effective tool to help manage student behavior in your classroom. Token boards provide students with positive behavior reinforcement by allowing them to pick a reinforcer (reward) and work towards it by earning tokens.

Have your student pick a token (8 different spring themed tokens included) and work towards a reward.

Click here to download to this free resource.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]