Spatial Concepts

What are spatial concepts?

“Spatial concepts (a category of basic concepts) define the relationship between us and objects, as well as the relationships of objects to each other. As our language begins to develop, early spatial concepts such as in front of, behind, top, bottom, over, under, last, between, farthest, backward, in, on, etc., help us understand directions more precisely, ask detailed questions, and express our ideas to others. ” (Source: Spatial Concepts and Relationships)

Why is it important for a child to learn them?

“The words that define relationships in space are vitally important because they are part of the basic framework for future learning. Children pick up many of these words in daily interactions but they may not understand others.” (Source: Spatial Concepts)

Basic concepts help build pre-reading and early mathematics skills, strengthen a child’s vocabulary, and are building blocks of early curriculum.

Here’s a teaching resource by Spectacokids that can help with learning spatial concepts of Prepositions and Left/Right!