While some girls may have clear symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) like having trouble in language or communication, it may be harder to see the signs in others. It is not necessary that boys and girls on the spectrum have the same symptoms.

Diagnosing women may be more difficult than diagnosing men as they may be better at hiding their feelings.

Following are the signs of autism in girls:

Love routines

Autistic girls love routines. Any kind of deviation from routine may leave them stressed or confused. They may carry routines such as reading for 20 minutes before bedtime or they may develop their own routines. Routine is a way for them to manage stress and is also a way for them to take control of their surroundings.

Low frustration level

An autistic female may find it hard to manage feelings and may be calm one second and, in a rage, the next. She can get easily overwhelmed and frustrated. She may have sudden tantrums or meltdowns, when she is stressed or feels she does not have enough time to finish what she wants.


Sensitive to sensory challenges

An autistic girl may be highly sensitive to her environment. She may be unusually sensitive to sensory challenges such as bright lights, strong smells or loud noise. Sensations that others may not even notice such as sounds of lawnmowers or washing machines, or the smell of perfume or food items may be difficult for her to just ignore.

Struggles with communication

An autistic girl may find communication to be increasingly difficult. She may lack skills involved with social communication such as hand gestures, making eye contact or understanding whether someone is serious or just joking. Due to his, she may have a hard time making friends or interacting with people.

However, they engage in social camouflaging when they are having difficulty and mimic how other girls interact.


Intense interests

Girls on the spectrum have intense interests. She may be able to deliver an in-depth monologue about a topic that holds her interest, it may be a song, a book or a TV show.


Intense emotions

An autistic girl has intense emotions. When she is happy, she is delirious and when she is stressed, she may tend to have a meltdown. Girls on the spectrum may have unusually intense emotional reactions compared to others.

High Depression

An autistic girl has a high degree of moodiness, depression and anxiety. Though these are not symptoms, they are unique to autism. Their anxiety can be caused by different factors.

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